Midland Women’s clinic offers a full array of obstetrical services from conception to reception to contraception.

We recommend a pre-conception appointment to discuss things to avoid before you get pregnant as well the best prenatal vitamins and contraindications to any prescription medications.

Midland Women’s Clinic is one of the few offices in the area that offers:

  • The newest genetic testing that provides the earliest prenatal detection of some chromosomal birth defects.

  • We have 4 full time ultrasound techs and availability of 4-D sonograms in the office.

  • Midland Memorial Hospital allows the physicians and nurses at Midland Women’s Clinic to practice quality obstetrics with access to bedside and central fetal monitoring as well as to a high risk prenatal unit.

Each patient has her individual physician who will attend all deliveries or Cesarean sections during the week. We have a call sharing system on weekends from 5PM Friday until 8AM Monday. The quality of in-patient care is enhanced by our two physician assistants who round during the week, as well as weekends, to give double coverage for patient needs. Our goal is to provide a delivery experience that can be as enjoyable and natural as possible while maintaining the ability to expertly respond to the emergencies that occasionally present themselves!

New OB Vist

  • A non-refundable $150 deposit will be required by all patients to schedule a new ob appointment.

    • The fee will go towards your ob prepayment plan. If you cancel or do not show up for your scheduled appointment, the entire $150 will be surrendered to MWC and is again non-refundable.