Questions? We've got answers. See below for answers to our most frequent inquiries. 

Pregnancy FAQ

Q:  What if i am a transfer patient wanting to schedule with mwc?

A:  We will need your complete OB/Obstetrical records before the appointment will be scheduled.  The records can be faxed to 432 697 3524 Attention:  OB Coordinator.  The appointment will not be scheduled  until after these records are received and reviewed by the attending provider. This could take up to a week after receiving the records. 

Q: How far along in my pregnancy should i be to have a gender determination sonogram?

A:  Generally, the sonographer likes the patient to be at least 16 weeks from the LMP (last monthly period).

QHow many positive pregnancy tests do I have to have to schedule an Ob appointment?

A:  You only need one positive pregnancy test to schedule your first Ob appointment.  Please be advised that your appointment will be scheduled around 11 weeks after your LMP (last monthly period) since your first sonogram will occur at this appointment and is contingent upon gestation.

Q: What do I need to bring to my first Ob appointment?

A:  Your insurance card, completed Ob paperwork (available here) if not already returned, and medical records from previous doctor if pertaining to this pregnancy.

Q: WHat insurance does MWC accept?

A: We accept most insurances except Medicaid, Tricare, The Blue Cross Blue Shield HMO Blue Advantage plans and Aetna QHP.


A:  We accept HMO First Care, Golden Rule EPO (under United Healthcare) and Humana.


q:  What individual insurance plans does mwc not accept:

A:  We do not accept Medicaid, HMO Blue Advantage Plan under Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna QHP.


Q: Does MWC offer a payment plan for ob care?

A:  Yes, we will discuss a payment plan at the time you schedule your first Ob appointment and all Ob care is required to be paid in full by your 7th month.  If you are a private pay patient, you receive a 10% discount when you pay in full by your 7th month and a 20% discount if you pay in full at your first Ob appointment.

Q: Does MWC accept care credit?

A:  We do accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, cash and a personal check.  Currently, MWC does not accept Care Credit or American Express, but these may be offered in the future.

Q: How many sonograms will I have throughout my pregnancy?

A:  The number of sonograms differs depending upon the doctor.  Expect 2-3 sonograms that MWC considers medically necessary and billed to the insurance provider.  There are always exceptions when additional sonograms may be necessary to ensure the highest level of Ob care.

Q: What happens if my insurance provider changes in the middle of my pregnancy?

A:  If your insurance provider changes during your Ob care, your benefits will need to be re-verified according to your new insurance and payments are subject to change.  Your previous payments will be subtracted from your new balance and new arrangements will be made. 

Medical Records FAQ


Q:  What process do I need to follow to get a copy of my medical records or to have my medical records sent to MWC?

A:  A completed Medical Release form must be faxed, mailed or brought into our office.  This form is available on our website for printing or you can come by the office for a copy.  Please be advised that it can take 15-20 days, depending upon method of transfer, to have medical records sent or received by our office.

Q:  How soon after I return my completed Medical Records Release form can I expect to receive my records?

A:  State law requires medical records to be sent 15 days from the date the request was submitted to our office.  Please allow mailing time if the records are requested to be mailed.

Q:  Is there a cost to requesting my medical records?

A:  There is no cost to the patient if the patient is requesting the same information less than 2 times in a current year.  If a request is made more than twice a year, a minimal fee of $25.00 may be required at the time the records are submitted.  If an insurance provider is requesting a copy of a patient’s medical records, a $25.00 fee is assessed and will be covered by the insurance provider.

Q:  Can someone, other than my self, pick up my medical records?

A:  Yes, a signed Medical Authorization form giving consent for that person must be provided or on file at the time of the pick-up.  This must be signed by the patient.  There are no exceptions.

Q:  Does the Medical Authorization forms allow any of my medical information to be discussed with the person I authorize to pick-up my records?

A:  Yes, please be advised that by signing the Medical Authorization form, this gives the person that you authorize the ability to discuss all medical information with any of the MWC staff.  This form is different from the Medical Release form, which only allows the request or submission of medical records.