Dr. Brady Locke, M.D.

why i joined mwc:

Since I grew up in West Texas, Midland seemed the obvious choice. I know the people and wanted my kids to grow up in the same community that I did. The people are friendly here and I know them. I never considered working anywhere else. Midland Women’s Clinic had originally been established back in the early 50’s, so I knew the reputation of the clinic and the doctors in my community. I knew that I wanted to be associated with an organization that was well-known and had a great standing amongst my own friends and family. So, when I was approached by the Midland Women's Clinic, I never considered another option. I wanted to provide the same high-quality healthcare that the people of West Texas were accustomed to. As we stand, we are now Midland Women’s Clinic, PA. We have four full-time Ob/Gyn’s with another scheduled to join us in late 2015, 2 Gynecologists and two Physician Assistants as well as an amazing group of nurses and support staff. Just as I feel fortunate to work here, you will marvel at the expertise and professionalism of our staff.

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Undergraduate Degree
The University of Texas
Austin, TX

Medical Degree
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX

Texas Tech University Medical Center
Lubbock, TX